“Motivational” Posters


When I first saw this poster on Pinterest a few months back, I almost threw up. The statement itself isn’t too terrible (other than the term “fat” clearly being used as a negative,) but slapping it onto a hyper-thin model is, in my opinion, completely detrimental. To me, this woman is NOT the picture of health. Just looking at her makes me hungry.

In only very recent years, I have begun to suffer from crazy-good self-esteem. I imagine this has almost everything to do with the people I surround myself with, people who at least promote loving your body even if it is something that they continue to struggle with. I don’t think I had ever met a woman who even claimed to love her body before.

I focus on my own health and fitness without comparing my goals or results with those of others. I wear clothes that make me feel good about myself rather than pining over an unrealistic size tag. I don’t watch reality tv or celebrity gossip shows, and I don’t look at beauty/fashion magazines. We are surrounded by a ‘standard’ that is anything but, and I refuse to live my life by it.

I made this poster, and I hope that sharing it will genuinely inspire you to do something healthy. Turn off the Kardashians, cancel your subscription to Cosmo, and do whatever it is that you need to do to stop shaming your body and start focusing on YOU.


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One response to ““Motivational” Posters

  1. Awesome. And Pinned to hopefully spread it around.

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